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Earn 10% cashback when you add funds to your account
and in addition to that a possibility to deposit funds with no fees.
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Our advantages
Capital preservation guarantee
We ensure our clients with up to 70% funds security regardless of the market situation and this is written in the contract. You hold your deposit up to 70%.
Maximum speed of processing orders
Every sale transaction accomplished through our liquidity providers will be completed as soon as possible with minimal delay which will provide you with maximum profit.
7 types of assets and over 10.000 tools
By giving your preference to our services, you get an opportunity to choose an asset of your preference (metals – gold, silver etc., energy resources – oil, natural gas, company stocks, indices – S&P500, NASDAQ etc., currencies, cryptoсurrencies, ICO and IPO) for further operations.
Tight spreads from 0 pips
A minimal difference between buying and selling will benefit your funds. Sales transaction will be of maximum profit, thanks to the 0 pip spreads.
Investment products
Package proposals
Investment portfolios for 3 levels of risk
Safe investment
Safe investment means active participation in the stock markets.
20 000 $
Total return from the starting
date of investment
of risk
Modest investment
Investment for the balance between growth and savings.
30 000 $
Total return from the starting
date of investment
of risk
Aggressive investment
To invest for growth is to actively participate in IPO and ICO.
50 000 $
Total return from the starting
date of investment
of risk
Portfolios are relevant at 15/01/2021
* As of 18/01/2022. Investment efficiency in the past is of no guarantee for the future performances. Open an account to get full information on the investment performance.
How do
I get started?
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1.Sign Up via e-mail;
2. Verify your personality (passport and address verification).
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1. Add funds to an account;
2. Make a choice of instruments portfolio and trade strategy (conservative, modest, aggressive, hedging).
A trader proceeds to the client’s personal account trade operations on client’s personal account based on the chosen trade strategy and instruments portfolio.
Our platforms
Payment systems

Why us?
In the market of services our company is unique.
We help with finding more than 1000 traders by using exclusive trade platforms and technologies, protect our clients from negative balance and providing 24/7 support.
We complete trade orders at maximum speed. In addition to that you can be a part of our loyalty program and receive bonuses and discounts.
By choosing us, you will no longer overpay for commissions and will receive 10% cashback whenever the account is credited.
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