Initial Public Offering (also known as IPO) is a process by which a company or early investors sell shares of a private company on the stock market, making the company a public one and paper available to a wide range of investors. The list of intermediaries in this deal includes underwriters, exchange, brokers, auditors, PR services, legal support, etc.

For the company, selling shares is not just an alternative to debt financing that encumbers the company with regular interest payments. It is a step to a new level which means that the company gains public status and many other benefits such as:

At the same time however, the company acquires many additional obligations both to thousands of new investors and to regulatory authorities.

As mentioned above, early investors can also be IPO sellers — this is an excellent opportunity for them to capture the return on investment. Traditionally, the normal ratio of shares sold by the company to investors is equivalent to 50:50. However, it depends on the specific situation. Many corporations, especially those in the United States, offer their employees better terms to buy IPO shares. That increases their loyalty and provides additional funding.

Despite the complete transparency of financial data and information on the state of the business, it is worth remembering that for the IPO investors it is still sufficiently risky. It is difficult to determine not only the fair value of the papers, but also the direction of the medium-term trend. Most of the emerging firms are young and are in a dynamic growth phase, adding risks and uncertainties that complicates predictions concerning stock values.

The analysis difficulties are also added by the excitement around so-called «hot IPO», for which demand is much greater than supply. Examples of «hot IPO» are Facebook, Twitter, GoPro, Ferrari, Square etc. Often, the first-day increase in the shares of these companies exceeds 50-60%, but the obverse dynamic is possible.

IPO Listing Company Exchange IPO Value IPO Price Last
IPO Listing Company Exchange IPO Value IPO Price Last
Jan 04, 2022 Hot Chili Ltd (HCH) TSXV 33.4M 1.55 1.66
Jan 05, 2022 Cartica Acquisition Corp (CITEU) NASDAQ 200.0M 10.00 10.10
Jan 05, 2022 Facilities By Adf plc (ADFF) London 18.4M 0.50 69.00
Jan 06, 2022 Vigil Neuroscience Inc (VIGL) NASDAQ 98.0M 14.00 14.00
Jan 06, 2022 Cincor Pharma Inc (CINC) NASDAQ 176.0M 16.00 16.14
Jan 06, 2022 Amylyx Pharmaceuticals Inc (AMLX) NASDAQ 166.3M 19.00 20.61
Jan 06, 2022 C5 Acquisition Corp (CXAC_u) NYSE 250.0M 10.00 10.05
Jan 06, 2022 Screaming Eagle Acquisition Corp (SCRMU) NASDAQ 750.0M 10.00 9.92
Jan 06, 2022 Outback Goldfields Corp (OZ) TSXV 0.26 0.26
Jan 07, 2022 Viscogliosi Brothers Acq Corp (VBOCU) NASDAQ 75.0M 10.00 9.96
Jan 11, 2022 First And Goal Capital Corp (FGCCp) TSXV 537.8K 0.10 0.10
Jan 11, 2022 Reyna Gold Corp (REYG) TSXV - 0.35
Jan 12, 2022 Tpg Inc (TPG) NASDAQ 1.0B 29.50 32.79
Jan 12, 2022 Industrial Tech Acquisitions II Inc (ITAQU) NASDAQ 150.0M 10.00 10.03
Jan 12, 2022 Hillstream Biopharma Inc (HILS) NASDAQ 12.0M 4.00 2.85
Jan 12, 2022 Gores Holding IX Inc (GHIXU) NASDAQ 525.0M 10.00 10.00
Jan 12, 2022 10X Capital Venture III Acq Corp (VCXB_u) NYSE 261.0M 10.00 10.10
Jan 12, 2022 Western Acquisition Ventures Corp (WAVSU) NASDAQ 100.0M 10.00 10.02
Jan 13, 2022 Fgi Industries Ltd (FGI) NASDAQ 20.0M 6.00-8.00 -
Jan 13, 2022 Verdant Earth Tech Ltd (VDNT) NASDAQ 50.0M 7.00-9.00 -
Jan 13, 2022 Cfsb Bancorp Inc (CFSB) NASDAQ 24.7M 10.00 10.49
Jan 13, 2022 Andretti Acquisition Corp (WNNR_u) NYSE 200.0M 10.00 10.03
Jan 13, 2022 Consilium Acquisition I Corp (CSLMU) NASDAQ 150.0M 10.00 10.03
Jan 14, 2022 Atlantic Coastal Acq Corp II (ACABU) NASDAQ 261.0M 10.00 10.00
Jan 14, 2022 Papaya Growth Opportunity Corp I (PPYAU) NASDAQ 250.0M 10.00 10.02
Jan 18, 2022 Jupiter Neurosciences Inc (JUNS) NASDAQ 23.3M 5.00-7.00 -
Jan 18, 2022 Tech and Telecom Acq Corp (TETEU) NASDAQ 100.0M 10.00 -
Jan 19, 2022 Nsts Bancorp Inc (NSTS) NASDAQ 44.2M 9.60 -
Jan 20, 2022 Samsara Vision Inc (SMSA) NASDAQ 29.2M 5.00-7.00 -
Jan 20, 2022 Four Springs Capital Trust Llc (FSPR) NASDAQ 270.0M 13.00-15.00 -
Jan 20, 2022 Rhodium Enterprises Inc (RHDM) NASDAQ 107.7M 12.00-14.00 -
Jan 20, 2022 Modular Medical Inc (MODD) OTC Markets 30.0M 12.49 -
Jan 20, 2022 Sunfire Acquisition Corp (SUNFU) NASDAQ 100.0M 10.00 -